Interview with Diane Klein, author of In The Name of Help

Side Effects Radio interviews Diane Klein author of “In the Name of Help”.

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Author, educator and activist Diane Klein is our guest today on “Side Effects Radio” talking about her book “In the Name of Help” which really serves as a wake-up call to the words ‘Free Country’. If you think you live in a free country where you are free to do as you please, as long as you hurt no one, read this book!

Is it possible that a stranger could step into another person’s life and take it over completely? Could a stranger gain the legal right to dictate where another person will live and what medical treatment he will be given? Could they then cause that person to be lost for years, or even a lifetime, in an abyss of mental hospitals and board and care facilities?

Diane Klein does a superb job of demonstrating psychiatry’s role in the prostitution of our justice system but by the end of the book, you can be sure that there is hope, there is help and you can do something about it.